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lijo jose's picture

Changing the colour

Even though you add colours it will still remain black and white:)

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Josh Sanders's picture

Nice shot! I love the framing of the subject. I might like to see the shadows around his face and head raised a *little* bit, but that might just be the screen I'm on. I might also like it cropped slightly from the left to get rid of the edges of the frames on the next windows over, but that might also eliminate a little bit of context. Overall, great capture!

Andrew Williams's picture

In general, I agree with Josh. On my monitor, the face is too dark to see what he looks like. The cropping, IMHO, might be a little too severe. I cannot tell how tall that ladder is. If it is as tall as I think it may be, there may be some sense of danger.

lijo jose's picture

Thank you for the feedback....actually with face not getting clear as i took this photo from my phone, i thought more about framing only and nothing else came to my mind that moment:)

lijo jose's picture

thank you friend :) I appriciate your feedback, i would be thinking more for taking next picture :))

Phillip Breske's picture

I agree with Josh about the crop. I might even extend that to both sides, eliminating the clutter on the bottom right corner.

Also, there are a LOT of sharpening artifacts (halos) in this image. Be careful to not overdo it when applying sharpen filters as they can easily destroy smooth gradations. The brightest pixels in this shot are the white edges around sharpened lines.

lijo jose's picture

thank you for the feedback :)