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Picking up some Luck

I've had people bug me on how this photo should not be considered a street photo.
It isn't staged, it was completely candid and I'm on a street, looking down a street taking a photo of my subject, who is also on a atreet.
What are your thoughts??

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darin gabbert's picture

I like it!

Josh Sanders's picture

My guess is that some people might categorize this as more cityscape than street given that the buildings, etc. seem to dominate much of the image. However, I certainly see your point, and for my two cents I think this could certainly be put into either category (or both). Regardless of how you classify it, I think it's a great shot!

Cameron Hunter's picture

Understandable explanation Josh, but agreed either way I am happy with my outcome here.
Cityscape or street photo aside!

Akram Al-Wahabi's picture

Totally agree with Josh's point.
for me : this is a B-E-A-Utiful picture, I don't really care about what category does it fall under

Dan Marchant's picture

I have shot images that I consider street that are very similar. small figure in the distance in the rain etc.

Nice work.

Deleted Account's picture

Looks like a street to me. Do "street photography" purists think S.P. is only about people, on streets, in urban settings?

Awesome light!

Cameron Hunter's picture

That was my comment as well, perhaps it isn't in your face street photography, but I never said it was.
Thank you Cathleen!