Behind the Scene!

Behind the Scene!
Some photos sometimes looks very difficult to captured, 3 years ago, I couldn't imagine that some day I will know to shoot this kind of Portraits, it was very hard for me to understand this kind of technique, than time to time, I realized that we complicate things more than they are, that`s the reason why I have posted...

As Above So Below | Vietnam

Hello everyone,
Here are some new diptychs from my ongoing personal project " As Above So Below". This segment was shot in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. I created a YouTube channel documenting behind the scenes of the project if you are interested
Thanks and have a great day,

BTS of a River Portrait Shoot

Here is Steph shooting a portrait on a river sandbar shortly before the sand gave way, and she was up to her chest in quicksand. Luckily the model, photographer, and camera were all ok. (An iPhone 5s in the back pocket was not so lucky!)