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Wireless Hot Spots: Uploading High Volume "On The Go" - Best Bang for the Buck?

Hi Everybody!

I have added a photographic field to my income sources that requires me to upload RAW images to their photodesk for editing, as soon as possible after I finished the assignment, because speed is essential for them, since they have to deliver the finished product on the next day to the client.

The average set of images is in the range between 1.5GB to about 2GB per gig and I can have days with of up to three or even four gigs.

I am mostly on the road (or subway, etc., in NYC between assignments and need to have a mobile upload capabilities that allows me to be fast and efficient.

Until now, I had only occasional assignments since the beginning of the year from that company, so I could handle it... but now... I am getting a lot of gigs, and hitting the limitations on my services. My hotspot via my Android phone worked well for one or two gigs and, not realizing, I reached the mobile hotspot data cap in no time and I am blocked for hotspot until my next billing cycle... so... what to do... what to do!

There are those mobile hotspot devices offered by any of the bigger companies, ranging from $39 to $200 in purchase, but I have absolutely no experience with their services and associated costs... and I do know that service strength are varying from region to region.

Does anybody here has up to date info or experience with such mobile devices, using them for your photography business?

Do you have recommendations for which provider and costs... naturally, I am looking for the most bang for the smallest buck possible... LOL

Thanks for taking your time to read my first thread on FStoppers!


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