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Winston Gee's picture

West Coast, New Zealand

It's been a while since I've done a swimsuit session on a beach. Having recently purchased a Godox AD600, I though I'd give it a spin and see how it goes during hard lighting conditions (It's not so nice here, compared to the more softer tones, say in Europe). Anyways, this shot is just after the sun had set. Had to quickly fumble through settings to compensate for the dying ambient light!

Model: Soraya J
Nikon D800 with Sigma Art 85mm
1/400 @ f/2.5, ISO400

Godox AD600 + 80cm collapsible beauty dish with diffuser on.

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Mark Eilbeck's picture

I'd say you got the exposure perfect. The skin looks nicely warm and tanned.

Rex Jones's picture

This really is a cool shot! The softer lighting on her is great, it goes so well with that nice dusky evening you've got going in the background!!