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Share, share, share and change the world. Ok, I lied - maybe you will just change some minds....

My name is Patrick Williams, and I am consistently disappointed when I go searching for anything related to corporate events in the forum and photographer hangout worlds. Crickets. Nothing.

I always wonder why? I guess folks don't think it sexy, challenging, exotic, creative, or meaningful. Shah - that is a load of....! People thought the same of weddings just a few years ago - see how THAT mindset has changed!

Let's see if we can't change some opinions with this group! Introduce yourself and show me/us your amazing life experiences gained through shooting corporate events.

I'll kick it off: I saw a Cirque du Soleil performance under a bridge in Quebec City, Canada, flew on a private jet from Atlanta to capture Mack Brown in Texas, had a delicious gourmet dinner while cruising on a luxury yacht on the River Seine in Paris, and spent a lovely afternoon with The Doobie Brothers listening to their new album with 25 friends at a posh studio in Nashville, TN.. These are just a tiny sample of the amazing people, places, and experiences we get to share in this world of 'boring' event photography.

What are some of your fun memories?

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