Top 7 Tips For Corporate Photography

The corporate photography has been in business for many years, it is considered as the best method of communication between business product and customers. Portraying people, corners and details for years made corporate photography a business technique that has pushed the marketing strategies in a forward direction. Photography has always been...

Rates For Corporate Events in the USA

Hello, I have an upcoming opportunity to give a quote for a US company that has a conference in the Toronto area this year. My corporate events have all been Canadian based in the past, and I want to ensure that the day rate I am giving this company is not under or over standard event photography rates at the pro level. This is a 12 hour day on...


Using human silhouette to form negative spaces around the main subject to create focus and emphasis. Hope it has worked.

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The Frame

Sometime for events photography, it's about being at the right place at the right time.

Happy to have caught this moment using one of my favorite composition techniques of a "frame within a frame".

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Photographer In Seattle Needed


I'm a photographer who moonlights as a producer between the hours of 9 and 5. I am looking for an event photographer this spring to shoot a corporate event in the Seattle areas. We are looking for a local. Is any one in the group in the Seattle are or have anyone they can recommend that lives in the Seattle area? Thank you!...


hi, ive recently done some work for a management property company and they have sent me this email i dont know to much about it...... 'can you send me a release or similar for your work. I'm assuming it's worldwide all rights in perpetuity'
the images was for rightmove and they are building a new site so i guess the images will be used to...

How to Avoid Digital Disaster on the Road

I've posted a blog article on my event photography website that discusses how you can avoid catastrophic data loss and downtime in the event (no pun intended) your computer melts down on location. I was inspired to post after it happened to me. A simple doctor kit on a portable drive containing 1) a boot clone, 2) an incremental backup, 3)...

Will this thing crank? [turns key]

I asked y'all to share a cool corporate event experience and all of one fantastic person posted! I noticed we have 24 members now, so let me try to share a new post and see if we can't jump-start a little more activity!

On a recent winter incentive trip, our guests were treated to an "Olympic Experience" at the Whistler Olympic Park (...