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Will this thing crank? [turns key]

I asked y'all to share a cool corporate event experience and all of one fantastic person posted! I noticed we have 24 members now, so let me try to share a new post and see if we can't jump-start a little more activity!

On a recent winter incentive trip, our guests were treated to an "Olympic Experience" at the Whistler Olympic Park (British Columbia - Canada). There was a low-impact biathlon competition: rifle range and snow-shoeing, and even I had to wear the snow shoes to follow the group on the course. The highlight of the trip was certainly the bob-sledding adventure that followed the next day; everyone was so excited (and nervous) - including me!!

I was pretty proud that I could catch these cats flying by at 125km/h; I am not a sports photographer and the afternoon light was low with rain and snow falling. Best part of the day: my client invited me to ride down on the last sleigh run of the day! I haven't giggled/screamed so loud in a LONG time!!!

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Truly! Do you shoot many corporate events Jerry?