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Welcome to mushroom wood

There is small excursion to the macroworld of the mushroom wood. It was an standard walking in the forest but when I made a step off the path, I saw very interesting micro-landscapes. I had only phone with me so all these photos are taken with it.

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Great captures! The best camera to use is always the one you have at the time! I noticed the spider in the one shot. Were you able to work it into the composition any better in another shot? I think it would have really added to the pic if it wasn't half hidden. Great work, keep it up. No reason to let not having your preferred gear in hand to stop you from getting some pics.

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Thank you very much for your comments! Next time I try to create better compositions )

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Compositions are great! I just saw the spider and hoped you got one more based around it. I'm just kind of a spider junkie. ;-) Love the low angles looking up. Did you have to lay on the ground to get them?

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Ok ) Unfortunately, I do not have another shots with spider.
No, I lay only phone on the ground and watch its screen on the knees )

Absolutely love the angle and title of the first one. That's really being down to earth !!!!

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How I missed that? Well done, I like the first one, because of the angle you took the picture. Also the the third one, for the composition.

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Thank you very much for positive comment!

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I really like the first and third but the third one edges it for lighting. It looks backlit but with a phone I assume it was good timing with the sun. Good advert for getting off the path and exploring.