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Amateur Macro with very basic "gear" Sony QX10

Hello everyone!
Well I'm not a photographer, obviously? , But I really enjoy this as a hobby, and trying to improve..
I love macro/super macro photography, and since I lack any kind of equipment for that, not even a large sensor or interchangeable lens camera! I've decided to try it with some DIY style, and here sharing some results of this 3mm jumping spider, and painted lady butterfly with you 😊
I used the Sony QX10 compact 10x zoom camera , and in front of it a vintage soviet lens the Helios 44m-4 , handheld, indoor lighting, no flash used..

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Troy Straub's picture

Great pics! I've had a few Super Zoom point and shoot cameras that took great pics when they had enough light. That Qx10 looks like a completely different animal though. such a crazy idea to make a camera with no viewfinder or screen of its own. Is the lag as bad as I heard? Do you clip[ it on your phone, or hold one in each hand? Whatever your doing great job, keep it up!

iyad tawil's picture

The QX10 isn't by any means a top point and shoot, but I had it back then cause I only took pics with smartphone and wanted to add that optical 10x zoom.
But as you said, the design is crazy, and sometimes can be very convenient, like you can place it literally anywhere and take your pics comfortably from smartphone, the lag was real at the beginning cause the app wasn't good optimized, but now it's actually great, but still takes little bit more time to launch compared to other cameras, a little compromise for having that crazy design.

I rarely clip it to phone, in the spider's pics I placed it on table and stayed away not to freak out the spider.

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Nice! That could be handy not to spook the subject.

Martin Boaring's picture

The spider is obviously dead, so no risk of a freak out!

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Nice result! I own a Helios Zenit by myself. Love that vintage lens and it's swirly bokeh.

What is this bright green background?

iyad tawil's picture

Thanks! Yeah I saw some reviews about it being used by full frame modern cameras and giving unique results!

Well that green background was actually my son's diapers package 😅
Since it was all at home and I had to find something quick, that was the first thing came to my hand and I just placed it behind the subject 😊

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Yes the look is unique.

I would have never guessed, that it's a diapers package... ;)