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Critique my attempts at macro

In Melbourne we have been in lockdown for the past few months. We are confined to a 5km radius from out home (unless exemptions) so this limits the photographic opportunities somewhat. This is what triggered me to pursue my interest in macro photography. I have fallen in love with exploring the walking paths around the creeks near my home and I am amazed at the amount of macro subjects I can find (5km seems like the size of the planet now!).

I would appreciate any feedback from the community for the first few images I have taken that I would consider even close to appropriate to upload.

Gear used: Canon 6D mk2, Laowa 100mm macro + DIY flash diffuser

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James Zuffoletto's picture

Very nice foray into the macro world. You asked for critiques but I prefer observations since everyone sees things in their own way. Images 4, 5 and 6 stand alone and are fine examples of a world most people will never experience so up close and personal. Of course, I have no idea what these critters are and it may well be that I don't want to experience them except thru your photos. I think photos 1,2,3 and 7 could be more intriguing if they were cropped a bit tighter and focused on the main subject. I found the background to be distracting especially in 2,3 and 7. I was also wondering what photo 1 would look like if you were to rotate it slightly so the bug is at an angle. I think a lot of people are experiencing the same claustrophobia and we photographers are so lucky to have an outlet to help us thru this epic crisis. Post more and stay safe.

Vincent Langen's picture

Thank you for your observations and feedback! Really appreciate it. I'll have a look at the crops. That was something I was torn about and have done multiple different versions of in my edits. Hope everything is as good as it can be for you and stay safe also!

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Impressive. The color and lines are so sharp. Great focus on the critters. Pictures 3 and 7 do have alot of background but it is so vivid in color it makes it feel like that critter is touchable. That he could ask me to please move on or I am going to jump on you! Very impressive and beautiful. Detail is amazing. It is also encouraging for me, an amateur, trying to figure out what I want to do with pictures. Not good with people so looking at nature landscape and animals. This provides a different view. Excellent job. Look forward to seeing more.

Michael Guinan's picture

Hi Vincent. I find the lighting in 1 to be too dark for my taste, but it does draw my eye to the subject. In 2, there is a nice connection between the photographer ( you ) and the spider, but I wonder could you have gotten closer? In 3 again a nice connection with the subject, but I feel a lower viewpoint would have worked better. 4 doesn't have a great pose and I feel the square crop places the spider in the center of the frame. 5 this is my favorite of the series. 6 I feel that the focus missed the eyes. 7 I find the twigs distracting and again the viewpoint is high. I hope you don't find my comments as being too critical of your great work. I don't know how skittish these creatures are, so I don't know if you can manage to get closer. Try shooting early in the morning while they are cool as most insects are slower to react to being approached. Also, try moving slowly to get better viewpoints. Best of luck and well done.