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Grand Tokyo, Tokyo Marunouchi by Night

Hi guys,

Here's some captures I took in Tokyo,
overlooking around Tokyo Station and Marunouchi district by night.

Please enjoy.

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Breath taking.

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Gorgeous set...love the vibrant colors.

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Thanks for taking a look!
Do you think these images are too vibrant or just for you?
Recently I wounder my photos are too much of saturation, but I'm not sure.
If I can hear your some advises, I'm very glad.

Thanks again!

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I think some clients may find it a bit too much...but it's def your style...and it makes your work stand out. I say run with it...

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Thanks for kind comments!

I know my photos may be too much of saturation for the others,
but I thought this was my style.
However, I want many people to see and be impressed with my photos, so it may be the time to reconsider my WF or style of mine.

Once again,huge arigatou-gozaimasu!
And if my English is so bad, apologize about it...

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for checking!

Great set of images love the post work

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Thank you very much!