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Building a Long Exposure City Composite

Hey folks! As long as I've been into photography I've loved finding ways to use my camera that capture things we just don't see the same way with the naked eye. This is especially true with long exposures that capture much more light into a frame than what we may ordinarily see.

I built this panorama at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando using a 70-200mm lens at 70mm on a Nikon D750. The longer focal length brought great compression into the image, making the buildings feel close and tall. To gain the field of view, I stitched together 10 exposures: 5 above the water line and 5 below. Every exposure was taken at a shutter speed of 30s, which really created a dramatic effect below the waterline. The reflections were captured brighter and more clear than shorter exposures I've seen at this location. And for added artsy-ness, I had to toss in an over sized moon! (Moon taken at 400mm on a crop sensor d7200). All in all, it took about a half and hour to build the pieces of this image and another half hour to assemble in Lightroom+Photoshop. I love how the finished image came out, go try one sometime! - Kyle

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This is insane mate! Hope it's hanging somewhere in your house/office :)

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It turned out awesome, good work!