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Too wide?

Hi folks,

I took this picture in a huge rush, but I thought it was worth taking. This is three images stacked together. I just got a Sony A7 III and grabbed an 85mm 1.8 lens with it. I have other lenses adapted, but the trip was on a very tight schedule, so I didn't have any options to set up and take pictures properly. No blue hour for me. :( Please let me know what you think. Too wide? How's the editing? The left side looks hazy, but that's actually the rain, so I didn't want to edit that out.

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It's a beautiful image, you could definitely get away with having it printed, or shown in that place's newspaper or article or something. However I think it lacks focus. You could easily get 3 different panos from this if you used a longer lens and took one pano for, the city, the mountain and of course the rainbow. Maybe even rainbow and the mountain. Obviously you didn't have time, but that's what would add focus. Overall it's still beautiful but you can't see the individual details. Hope this helps, just my opinion of course :)

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Well, it's pretty tiny resolution when you post it here, bigger resolution shot has a lot more detail in it. Thanks for the feedback, though. I appreciate you taking the time!