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Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Looking up

Always take the time to look up when you're walking in a city ;)

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Chris Uka's picture

Tough crowd I guess....one of the more original photos on this site. Well done

Love this photo! I was immediately drawn into the composition. Great eye.

Eric Yiskis's picture

Really like the composition on this one! And a nice monochromatic color scheme. Nice work.

Really nice. Looking upward through tall things (buildings, trees, etc.) is one of my favorite things to do to look for interesting shots like this.

I took an online architectural photography class a while back where the teacher introduced us to the dynamic symmetry of Jay Hambridge. It was a great help learning why certain shots work. There's lots online about it too.

Sebastien Le Calvez's picture

Is this Toronto?

Phillip Breske's picture

I LOVE the composition, but the bright orange structure kind of annoys me. I converted it to B&W to see how it looked and I thought it was a lot less distracting, but that's my preference. Give it a try!