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San Francisco Above the Clouds

Taken from the Marin Headlands and overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco. This was taken at sunrise several years back. I have a shot that is wider (maybe 20 feet back) and no crop on my Flickr page. I cropped this into a "panorama" type shot.

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Very nice and the crop works very well here!

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Congrats on a beautiful shot. From what I hear, the fog is difficult to predict and unless you live in the Bay Area, often takes a little serendipity from Mother Nature. It's quite amazing to see in person isn't it? Even after seeing other versions on the web, I was still amazed at the scale when I got to witness the scene firsthand. I like combination of warmth, wide cityscape (when I was there, most of the buildings were obscured and only the SalesForce tower was visible), and depth in the fog you captured.

Jordan Murphy's picture

Hey thanks for the kind comments! Yeah, I took this back when I lived in San Francisco and you can predict the fog easy when you're living there, but still it's hard to know how far up the fog will go. I definitely got lucky on this day ;)