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Night Glow in Chicago .

On my days of from work i like to shooting the incredible lights of the streets of Chicago .

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knowing the quality of work coming out of chicago right now and there is a lot. These could be improved a bit for instance waiting for the trains to pass on #1 or getting down low to one of those puddles with a wide angle to catch a closer reflective surface. just have fun with it and explore more possibilities than the overall scene...check out these people on instagram...@chi.shooters @lo2us1 @alexxjpowell and there's a bunch more

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Thanks Joseph i was actually on top of a bridge already i couldn't get lower But you got it Boss the feed back is awesome .....Peace from Chicago .

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No problem glad to be of help

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Hey Tracy! Nice work! I love the train in picture 1, it adds that Chicago culture. I'd remove the car though and bring out the shadows a little more. Picture 3 is very good, again I'd up the shadows.

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Thanks Christopher good eye .

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I think, I´ll like the last picture more in baw.