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Reflections from the Netherlands

I took these reflection shots in the past week. What do you think of it?

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Francisco B's picture

love the first shot, would consider adjusting verticals on some of the houses that look a tiny bit crooked. The yellow ones on the right in particular have a bit of lean. Idk, killer shot either way.

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That part on the bottom you mean? That's something build in the front of the house. It wasn't really possible to get that straight straight

Francisco B's picture

Ah I see it now. I think the solution would maybe be to align the balcony poles to the house in that section. Prob not worth the time though, just me neurotically eyeing the image haha.

Sergey Kosarevsky's picture

I love the colors in the 2nd and 3rd images.

Sean Helak's picture

wow! these are amazing shots. I'm loving the reflections, everything is so crisp. Great work, i dig your style

Chris Sampson's picture

Incredible work
Very inspiring