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Daling Harbour, Sydney

This is a time blend of a post sunset and a blue hour shot (for city lights). The base shot was also a 20 seconds exposure to smoothen the water and the clouds.
Feedback will be appreciated, thanks.

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Really nice shot!
Composition is great and the merge of the two moments it's really well done..
I would have tried to clone out the people in the shot for a slightly less distractive bottom part but it is just a detail
Many compliments

The merging is seamless. Really nice end result. How did u manage to get such a perfect blend on photoshop? I struggle when blending images that contain overlapping subjects. Lovely shot in the end!!

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Thanks for the comment. H didn't move the tripod or changed the focal length during the shoot so both images aligned pretty well.
You can use Edit -> Auto align layers to help with the alignment as well.