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Thoughts on Golden Hour 16x9 cityscape photo?

I really loved this spot in Luxembourg looking over the valley at the Adolphe Bridge. However, it was hard to get a composition without a lot of negative space. I tried to minimize this space by cropping to a 16x9 and focusing the image more towards the horizon. I thought this captured the right amount of greenery and sky, while keeping the image more balanced on the city structures. What do you think?

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Chris Lucas's picture

Great shot. Love the light on the bottom of the bridge.

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Thanks Chris 👍🏼

Jerry Dalton's picture

The light is beautiful and the shadows and light under the bridge are great. Good job on the exposure. I think the trees somewhat dominate the image. If that Is what you wanted then that is good. If not then you might crop a little more off the top and the left side, with the tip of the spire near the top edge and and the spire on the left near the edge as a stop and maybe a bit off the bottom. I think that will strengthen the composition, put the emphasis on the buildings and let the bridge from a natural leading line.

Trevor Parker's picture

Thanks for the feedback Jerry! I felt the same about the trees dominating the composition, I’ll play around with the crop a bit more like you suggested and see if I can’t fix it a bit. At the actual location it was really hard to get a good shot without a lot of the trees.

Robert Tran's picture

Nicely composed, Trevor. For me, your image works well because the light/shadow play as well as the layers in the treeline provide the scene with depth and leading lines (along with the bridge), into the tower. Without the trees, the scene may look a little flat actually. I equate it to trying to capture a really vast landscape without a distinct foreground anchor - hard to do.

The clouds balance out the foreground and work together to make a pleasing image. Nicely captured.

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Thanks for the critique Robert. I do like the contrast in the lighting on the trees as well. I tried to compose a nice compliment with the sky in the background to the trees in the foreground, which I think worked nicely in the wider 16x9 format. Thanks again!