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Martin Dremljuga's picture

Good Morning San Francisco

140mm · f/6.4 · 1/1000s · ISO 80

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Phillip Breske's picture

No comments?!? This is beautiful. I would, however, recommend cropping off the bottom trees. I think it’s a little stronger with just the golden tones of the background.

Alison Pascal's picture

I like the trees but I agree that the image would be stronger if it's cropped. Beautiful tonal shifts and love that the color is intense without being overly saturated.

Dino McCann's picture

I would agree that the trees at the bottom take away from the beautiful tones throughout the rest of the image. Almost dreamy like effect. The layering from mountain range to mountain range that ultimately leads to the city and then more mountain ranges in the background is really nice and compelling. Well done.

Sophie Charlotte's picture

This doesn't even look real it is so beautiful. Absolutely love the feel of this wonderfully layered image. The colour enhances the sunrise and strikes a perfect balance between too saturated and not saturated enough! I would buy this photo in a massive framed print for sure. Agree about cropping the black trees off the bottom, but I think ut would look better if you stretched the canvas and added another mountain layer (if you don't mind doing that kind of retouching) as cropping it does lose a chunk of the marvellous grandeur.

Martin Dremljuga's picture

Hi Thank you to everyone who commented and gave good criticism. This photo has been taken only once. And no leyer or anything. Tone only changed