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Marius van Dyk's picture

Downtown Montreal

Another late night

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Alison Pascal's picture

I really enjoy the way the sky is handled. The big Ferris wheel on the left pops a lot more than some of the other elements in the scene and draws the eye to the left side.

Love the cool color palette here.

Marius van Dyk's picture

Tnx Alison...the wheel is iconic in the Old port .. (and the cool pallet matched the air temp ...i have a few more shots from that night ... will post it as time goes ...else people may think im a robot spamming the site ;)

Alison Pascal's picture

I wish I had the resources to travel and document so many diverse places. I very much enjoy seeing your journeys photographically.

I look forward to seeing more! ❤️

Brock Torunski's picture

This makes me hate my Mont Royal Shot... also, is there a reason you left the crane on the right third?

Roger Applegate's picture

Marius - I agree with Brock. I would have cloned the crane out.

Overall, very nice image!

Marius van Dyk's picture

Thank you both ... i will take out the chisel and start working on it.
Just a Q though: does the capturing the city as it is showing the endless evolving status and the dynamics of the clouds not make the photo more alive ? Or is the position of the crane on a preferred axis the issue.?

Roger Applegate's picture

Marius - I believe it comes down to taste in this case. What are YOU trying to say in the image. I understand your point of showing the evolving nature of human infrastructure. My approach would be to remove anything that is distracting and is not permanent.

There is a fine line and that line is where you make it.

You are correct, the crane is squarely in the sweet spot of the image.

Tom Maggio's picture

I love the movement of the sky and the ferris wheel and the green building in the center....completely draws me in.