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Amsterdam by the Night !

This location from Amsterdam has been shot to death. The only way to make your image standout is to stylise your edit differently. With this thought in mind, I have edited the image to give it an almost monochromatic look, with daubs of light to make it look dreamy.

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David Levitz's picture

I'm actually not familiar with this shot of Amsterdam, but I can see why it's popular. I like the way you captured it and the time of day in particular as the windows looks very nice with all the different colors.

Kaltham Ali's picture

Lovely shot, sharp lights and clean, long exposure is really silky and nice

Jerry Norman's picture

I really like the monochromatic look you have given the shot and the nice contrast with the windows. I think the image could benefit from a tighter crop on the left side to remove the distracting sliver of bright brick wall.

Erik Graumans's picture

What an amazing image! Very well known image indeed, but the processing is superb. I do agree with the crop like Jerry says, but the overall look and feel of the image is stunning. Wonderful job!