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Christmas in Southwark

Sunset above the Southwark Christmas markets in London.
This area is known for a no tripod policy, so to manage to get the shot I had to use a clamp on the rail above the Thames.
The sunset itself was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen above the city and the lights of the Christmas markets on the square were quite tempting to capture
Any thoughts?

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Deleted Account's picture

That's a neat light pattern on the clouds. First glance... thought I was seeing a burst of flame on the ground.

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Hi Gabriele, A very good image. Clouds, light, focal point has its visual appeal drawing the attention. will making the image more warmer complementing the light mood, help? The dark patch at right corner disturbs. Please share if you have taken different compositions. cheers.

Gabriele Caredda's picture

Hi Vijay,
first of all thanks for the comment!
I probably have added too much contrast on the left side of the photo and now seeing it after few days from the post processing it appears evident to me ahah
I will try again to make the transition from light to dark smother.. For the warmth, I sincerely did not play around with the temperature so it was as the camera shot the scene