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Full circle

In january 2018, I visited a landscape photography workshop oriented on panoramas and night photography. It opened my eyes and from that very moment, I changed my approach to shooting and post process. I believe that I have made couple steps forward, but that is not the point of this post. Couple days after the workshop, I took my camera and went out shooting. Only problem was that I live in a city, but I told to myself that the theory can be practiced everywhere. So I took the pano with different exposures, went back home and had no idea how to process it. Later, I felt that the pano is not worth editing at all. I found the pano again yesterday when cleaning library in Lightroom and immediately got a feeling that the pano deserves edit from nostalgical reasons. Not a shot I would be superproud of, but the circle is now closed :)

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Adam Stevenson's picture

Although it's not the most beautiful foreground, maybe it needs a bit of dodging to add some interest and depth.

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you Adam :) Foreground was one of the reasons why I hesitated to edit the shot. I like what you did with dodging. Fun fact - the building you dodged is very controversial and people literally hate it :D But the truth is that your version makes more sense in terms of visual interest and 99,9% viewers don´t know about the controversy :)