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Ben Preece's picture

Time blend or critical moment

This is the Shangri La viewpoint in Dubai, the subject matter has been done to death, I know this and I am late to the party on the shot itself.

Both images use the time blend technique one a lot more than the other.

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Anton Galitch's picture

I think the time blend version (I assume the second one?) looks great, though maybe with a bit less purple in the sky. Would also be interested in hearing others thoughts.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

I agree with Anton. but it looks amazing. nice shot

Ben Preece's picture

Interesting that you would say that, the 1st image has more of a time blend to it as I wanted the exposure on the Burj Khalifa with the subtle lights coming through via blending I just don’t think I did enough on it, I did spend a lot longer on the second image. There is a 5 minute window where the sky does this sometimes here it’s due to the low atmospheric haze and sand storms in surrounding countries like Saudi and the sun going through that causes incredible colors I did polarize it a bit but the colors aren’t massively changed.

Anton Galitch's picture

Cool, yes the second image looks more impressive.

Saajan Manuvel's picture

Fantastic !!

Eric Tate's picture

The second image looks like more of a well blended time-blend photo. The top one is a little confusing because it is so bright yet the car streaks are shown. the bottom one is not only more impactful, but more believable. i do agree however the purple and dark blue in the sky could be toned down a bit. perhaps just lowering saturation in the sky area and maybe increasing the color temp may do the trick. either way great image.

Donald Henninger's picture

Ben, Find 2nd is more pleasing overall for the tones, colors, and details of the buildings and the increased clarity of the sky and clouds. The sky colors to me are an artistic decision, have little problem with them. The highways seem to dominate the image as the brightness and tone control the scene. Still learning so much about post work, but my thoughts go to dodging the roads or reducing the exposure/brightness.

Ben Preece's picture

Thank you everyone for your feedback, it’s been great and very positive. The sky is purple as the time blend goes into night on the left of the frame and I balanced it on the left and it is just embellishing the colors that were already there so I’m happy with it. I dodged the highway maybe a little too much some might say, I’ll have a look at dialing it back a bit. Thanks everyone.