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Zen !

A glimmering legacy of medieval Japan, Kinkaku ji or the Golden Pavilion as popularly known to foreign tourists was teeming with visitors - one had to get creative with the composition to avoid people in the frame.

What are your favourite techniques to get rid of tourists from your photos ?

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Mauro Caviezel's picture

Great addition to the group.....to answer your question, yes, tourists and selfie shooters are always a kind of pain to have in the image. Since I usually shoot cityscapes, I often have to deal with tourists in my images....since I shoot at the same location for about 2 hours (usually from beginning sunset until ending of blue hour) I end up with a lot of photos of the same object and fortunately the tourists etc. are moving and are never at the same place.....so in photoshop I can overlay several images and get rid of the tourists with a layer mask. What I don't like is to stamp them out....I only use the stamp tool if really necessary......

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My daughter was there a couple of weeks ago (she was in Japan when lockdowns came in) and had the place to herself. Kyoto was tourist free, so she went all around the city over a few days, sending back photos of empty sites.

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Love it!

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Hi Sandeep.
Answer to your Q is (1) Take multiple frames keeping camera steady without much of variation (good if tripod) and same setting. take it at intervals so that in each frame different parts of the scenes is seen. (2) in PS first align all the images in layer. and then File > Scripts > Statistics > Median.This will clean from all disturbances.
happy editing. cheers