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jim hughes's picture

Minneapolis today

It's not a good time here. Lights are going out.

Blog post:

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D Man's picture

Hey Jim, I like that shot...crystal clear! I went into your blog, and that comment about shooting pictures when it is overcast...I myself like shooting photos in the fog....

get that right? take a look: - you need to open it up...all the way

jim hughes's picture

I love the birds coming out of the fog. In fact, I love fog. But doing fog photos would mean getting up early....

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi D Man. This is absolutely amazing. Everything in the frame leads to the central mystery. Flying birds adds to that. The perception is urging to see the dull hint of the locomotive through the fog.

Enjoyed this. cheers.

Silviu Gheorghe's picture

Really nice photo! Great job!