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6 Best Tips to Make Awesome Long Exposure Photographs at Night

Tips shared by Serge Ramelli.

1. Shoot without using an ND filter after sunset. ND filters alter the color of your photos and when you already have nice colors you don't want that :-)

2. A 25 second exposure time is a good time to have nice water and clouds and this can be achieved without a remote.

3. Shoot 3 different exposures with the timer at: 8, 15 and 25 seconds and decide which you like best.

4. Shoot after sunset in the direction where the sun went below the horizon, you will get a nicer sky.

5. Make sure you have clouds and water in your photo, this will make the DRAMA!

6. Be in the position where the wind is pushing the clouds toward you, I know it is not easy, but the result is cool!


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These are all good tips. The clouds one is especially important; most night shots are basically land or city scapes, and it really helps to have something going on in the sky.

I'd just add one more: turn on your highlight clip warning. Keep upping your exposure time until you get blinkies. It's OK if the raw file looks a bit washed out - you can darken it in post. (And if you have light sources in your shot they're always going to be too hot - but tiny white spots are OK) I typically shoot in "A" mode at F5.6, and use the exposure compensation wheel as needed, starting at -.7, and going up or down as needed.

And one more: DO IT! Night photography is really fun and easy.