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Lombard Street

On the 31st of January, I made a trip to shoot the Super Moon rising over the SF skyline. After wrapping up the shoot, I wanted to capture this iconic exposure of Lombard street. Now, in order to get this perspective, I had to shoot on a very telephoto lens, around the 500-900mm range. Since I was about 1/2 mile away from my subject, and I was shooting at 600mm, getting an exposure of 1 minute and 43 seconds was a little bit of a challenge, but with a sturdy tripod and a little bit of luck I managed to get this shot with one single exposure.

Settings for the shot:

Tamron 150-600 g2 @600mm

F/29, ISO 100, 103"

Nikon D750

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Where the heck were you, the middle of the street?

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Haha, yes I was. It surprisingly wasn't to busy, and if a car came, they would just drive past me like it was no big deal.