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Beautiful Scenery at Tokettee Falls

A photo I took last year of one of the most spectacular waterfalls I've ever seen, Tokettee Falls in Oregon. The hike down to this waterfall was a little challenging, but totally worth it.

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Alan Brown's picture

What a wonderful image Nick. The exposure is spot on, capturing those gorgeous trails in the falls whilst maintaining sufficient detail in the turbulent water.
The image also looks sharp throughout (focus-stacked?) and I like the coloring.

If I were looking to find a flaw I would have like to see the composition panned to the right a little. This would lessen the visual weight of the rocks on the left and allow us to see the fall that is drifting out of right frame. Other than that some may comment on the branch sticking out from the lower fall but to be honest I don't see this as a negative as it is so small and makes it somewhat more natural.

Solid picture, great job!