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Arun Hegden's picture

Nirvana Again.

Shot using Sony A73, Sigma 20mm F1.4 lens
Last time I shot at this place back in 2016, I kept my camera on time lapse and headed to our home stay below cause of terrible headache and it rained then. But the picture made it to CWC 2016 exhibition was a bonus.
This time we were blessed with clear skies and of course terrible headache too. I was shooting along with Allan with whom I shared the life saving chewing gums and our life stories which kept us warm and reduce the headache. We had to woke up the old lady at 1 am, whose house light was spilling on the Buddha statue, and we convinced her to turn it off for which we are grateful to that soul. Our hands and body were feeling cold and numb but the wait for Milky way to align with the Buddha was worth around 2:00 am when we shot this.

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Antonio Gutierrez's picture

great shot! what settings were used for this shot? at 1.4 how do you get the buddha and sky in focus?

Arun Hegden's picture

Thank you. :)
F1.4 | 15 sec | ISO-3200
I was far enough to from the Buddha statue to get everything in focus. :)

Dillon Murphy's picture

Did you try taking one with a lower ISO of just that statue and blend in the sky? Also if you got there a little earlier or waited a little longer for the dark center to line up with the bun would look so cool. Great picture!

Arun Hegden's picture

I couldn't. I am going there again this year in July. I look forward to try as you said. Thank you so much for the words😊