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Flowing water HDR

Hi, first post here.

I did three shots, 4s, 8s, 15s, then merged them together as HDR. I processed the output filt in three ways:

- The first image is the "cleanest" - or the most similar to reality.
- The second one is contrasty.
- The third one is contrasty + B&W.

Which one do you like more? I love the third one.

Have you ever used HDR with long exposures? What do you think about it?


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first of all, i don't do HDR anymore (meaning using a dedicated sotware)
I do exposure blending quite often, but when it comes to flowing water, i don't use it onthe water.
When I shoot water, I always try diifferent shutter speeds. And there is ony one look that settle on. Using hdr would mix that look with others, create artefacts or unwanted effects.
So choose a shutter speed, and develop from that base

And in your example, I would have use a faster speed (1/2sec to 1/10sec) to really emphasize the water flow