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The Art and Beauty of ICM Photography

ICM (aka Intentional Camera Movement) photography...as a photographic technique in general...still feels very much on the fringes of what most traditional photographers are willing to accept as a valid form of photographic expression. ICM is, in essence, also Long Exposure Photography, because it requires longer shutter speeds to be used in order to move the camera during the exposure to create unique images that are quite different from the status quo.

I've been primarily dedicated to ICM photography for a few years now, and that has helped me to develop a style that is unique to me and my own individual artistic aesthetic. ICM is gaining traction around the world, and it is my hope that more photographers will explore just how individually creative and artistic they can be with a dedicated effort to experiment with an alternative way of seeing and being in the world of photography.

These are a few more recent images that I hope will create some excitement to learn more about ICM photography.

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excellent work Stephanie

Marius van Dyk Thanks, Marius. Appreciate your kind words.

Looks amazing :)
Thank you for introducing me for this. I've never heard about his before.
Can you provide some starting points?