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Josiah - before and after

I just want honest opinions

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Geordi, great job with the edit!! The photo definitely looks way better!!

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Does look pretty darn good. On my monitor though his cheek and nose seem too yellow.

you are right! I do see the same as well as on the ear..

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I see it. I didn't adjust that area, that's just his skin. I can see using the hue&sat layer to correct it.

It's really nice. I will love to learn how to edit like this..

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Just practice. And look up tutorials and practice more.

Where do i start from as a bignner

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I'm mostly self-taught, so I'll tell you what I did. Editing this photo was not done in one step but many steps coming together.

1) My first step was to use many layers for cleaning up different parts of the photo (background, skin, hair, etc.) using the spot healing brush, healing brush, and clone stamp tool.
2) Next, I used the frequency separation technique to smooth the skin while retaining skin texture and pores.
3) I dodged and burned on separate layers
4) Lastly, I color corrected using curves and a B&W layer
5) I finished everything with sharpening

(each step is a group with layers in it)

*Steps 2-4 i turned down each layer and the overall group to lessen the intensity of each effect to it doesn't look fake

**My go to youtube channel for help is "Phlearn" by Aaron Nace. He explains every photoshop technique in great detail at a pace that beginners can comprehend.

I hope this helped!!!!

The work is great, however, how do you know when is it ok to remove or to keep the veins from the forehead in male portraits?

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I personally like to keep the subject relatively natural. I don't like to change too much because i want my subject to recognize themselves

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Editing is very subjective thing but since you are asking.. For my test this photos has a bit to strong pink tint. Also I don't like smoothing and shaving of the male models. Or removing of birthmarks.
I'm new here so I don't know how this works. Are we allowed to post our vision of your photos?

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Thanks! I noticed it was a little pink, if you look at my portfolio you'll see an updated version of the photo. Yeah the smoothing and shaving of the model was something I was trying for the first time in depth. I didn't remove a birthmark, it was a scab from a cut that i didn't feel needed to be there. Anything natural I tend to leave alone. I prefer a more polished look when I edit. Thanks for your input though!

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Here is the original photo, I would like to see what you or anyone else can do with my photo

Ivica Drusany's picture goes my version of your photo. I'm not saying it's better or worse..just my vision.

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I see you went for a warmer overtone. I like what you did with the watch. I can see editing this way for a candid photo but I was going for more of an editorial feel. Personally I lean more towards the cooler end of the spectrum. Thanks for your input!!