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Biju Toha's picture

New Born

Hello, friends.

This is my first b&a here to judge myself. What do you think or what are your critics?

Waiting for your opinion.

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Matthias Dengler's picture

Sorry Biju. Two things very clearly:
1) You removed any texture and make this newborn look like a puppet.
2) I find it ethnically TOTALLY WRONG to retouch the skin of a new born.
I'm speechless...

Do you often deal with parents of newborns?

Biju Toha's picture

Thanks for your reply. Actually, this is a love project that I want to make sure what is in my heart for them. I know they are always cute and beautiful, by the way.

Jorge Cevallos's picture

I think the problem is the quality of the original picture. Also, the way the hair was retouched is not appropriate.

Try from the start. Read about frequency separation.

Biju Toha's picture

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll catch it up soon.

Joseph Anthony's picture

Yep, I think you went a little too far.
The hair could have been left alone.