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Shelby Supersnake Before/After

I've always been a fan of images of cars taken in a studio and this was a bit of a personal project I took while doing a small photoshoot for a local Ford dealership. Their showroom wasn't exactly the best setting for the super-exclusive Shelby Super Snake they had, so I strobed the car and dropped it onto a white "studio" background in Photoshop. If you don't have access to a studio, bring one yourself, right?

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Very impressive! Excellent placement of highlights with your speedlight. I'd love to see one of the images that you used with the speedlight before you cut out the background.

Keep it up!

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I'm very impressed. This is awesome.

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insane ! very impressive

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As an amateur photographer and big time car enthusiast I would love to see the process from shoot to edit, very amazing results.

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unfortunately I dont have the computing power to capture any more of my process, but it's all about lighting the car bit by bit and compositing all of the layers together in photoshop

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Im still new to photography so when you say you "strobed" the car what do you mean and how did you get rid of all the reflective images from the showroom

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Strobing the car just means I used my strobe flash to light the car bit by bit and combined them in photoshop. The removal of the reflections is from a combination of a CPL filter and the strobe