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Before and After - G

Portrait after and before. Any suggestions?

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what is G?

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:) her short name!

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It's a cool look. I guess it all depends on what you are looking for. Nice

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Nice image!

Only thing I would say (just my opinion, everyone has their own taste) is that compared to the original the processed image is cold and the mood changes quite a lot. Like, for me the top image speaks of golden hour and sunset, warmth, whereas the processed image is more like I'm upset on a cold and gloomy day.

Like Joseph said, it depends on what you're going for :)

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Thank you! Indeed was shooted in golden hour but was freezing too and cold outside, but is a good point! I will think about what youโ€™ve said! Thank you again!

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I love the before and maybe smoothing out her skin just a little bit. I do love the cinematic look in the second one but I think that if you tone down the lips it would give it a softer look.

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This is a lovely portrait and is darn near perfect as is, in the before shot. I don't mind the cooler processing although maybe backing off just a tad would be good, or going the other direction and making it warmer would work too.

However, the thing I noticed immediately is that under her eyes the skin has been so heavily retouched that it looks like a flat smooth surface almost like a counter top (or a mannequin), with loss of dimension and freckles. Everyone, regardless of age, has some lines and change in color of the skin below their eyes. It's totally fine to reduce it, but it looks like you went too far. The added sharpness of her lips also looks a little odd. Honestly I think all you'd need to do is reduce the opacity of your layers in PS (if that's what you used) and everything would be great. Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much! I will consider it everything you told me. Thank you!

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Great portrait, but as for me, there are some discrepancies in her face after retouching. The under eyes lines and wrinkles were smoothed too much and at the same time, the lines near her mouth were still very strong. It would be better to smooth a bit both the lines under eyes and ะตั€ัƒ nasolabial lines. Also, I would fix the line of the lipstick, as it is a bit curve on the left-hand side. Regarding the toning - it depends on what you like, but I would make her skin tone a bit warmer as she doesn't look like a living person.
Sorry, but this is only my opinion :)

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My 2 cents would be to lessen the wrinkles around the eyes, but not get rid of them altogether. Same with the Smile Lines; You want your model to look like a real person and like you didn't go crazy with the blur tool. Also, lessen your blue curve and maybe mask some more red into the lips of the model; the lips almost look painted on vs. the more natural look in the before picture. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could try to bring some color and definition out in the eyes. Great headshot though; if it were me, I'd just do very little to tweak the original and just bring out the natural beauty.