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Looking for some feedback

Hey all,

I've been trying out some new techniques and I'm interested to hear some feedback!! General or specific notes are all appreciated!

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I like the skin retouching.

The hair cleanup/cloning is pretty bad, though. The left side looks obvious you tried to do some cleanup because of the blurring. And, looks unnaturally flat. Makes the head area look weirdly lopsided. Also makes it look like a mullet on one side. I would have just left the hair alone, especially since it looks like she has a casual outfit on.

I would not have partially cropped into the hair. Either deliberately crop into it more or leave some head room space. The original was perfect.

The background has distracting lines, especially on the left. It's strange the orig didn't have them. Also, the right side has way more magenta. Looks strange the left side is more teal, but the right has more magenta.