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Longboard Mexico

I work with several brands in Mexico providing documental registry of sponsored riders across races and skate spots all over Mexico

I do not like to watermark my work, altho once I had a bad experience with vitamin water downloading photos from my flickr account and making them into banners a person once told me that watermarking your work is like a dog peeing on something and that if your work is good it will be recognised. Critique be much appreciated :)

for more photos: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32873777/Longboard-Mx-101-

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purasbroncas/

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Chris Johnson's picture

Great shots, I am having a hard time finding anything negative to say.
There is such a wide variety of shots. The only thing I can think is it would be nice to see one with the skater filling up the frame.

Richard Morwood's picture

These look pretty rad, not often I see non-level shots that don't look completely out of place.
The rider poses are so dynamic, really captures the balancing feel - particularly the second last one.
Good variety too. But no in-motion pans. That would round out the set for me.