Portrait at a home studio

Hey guys!

So this is a portrait I took of my lady, the idea is to practice with my gear, one light (46" Wescott Octobox with an extra diffuser for a softer look) one flash for the background (which is one of our blankets) and one hair light. I did a little bit of frequency separation for the skin.


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Musing Eye's picture

Very pretty! Covering her mouth with her hair is an interesting and innocent feeling move, combined with covering up her hands, but contrasting to the bare shoulder. The blanket's pattern is a bit distracting, but not too much so.

Agree with the background but it was the only purple-ish thing I had at the moment, thanks for the comment!

Musing Eye's picture

Oh, I absolutely know the feeling as a hobbyist. My worst was taking photos of a friend in our basement and then realizing later how the color of the wall (which I thought would be interesting) was reflecting the color of the strobe onto their skin in very unflattering ways.

Vincent Alongi's picture

I actually like the background; it and the sweater frame her face / shoulder.