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How do you like the lite and color work?

How do you like the lite and color work?

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It feels interesting, but I can't exactly say I like it. I'm somewhere in undecided area, but for sure it's not something wrong if that helps you in any way uh. Maybe it's because everything else than her hand/face got one colour, can't exactly tell sorry :/

Joseph Anthony's picture

The blue looks out of place, no other part of the images appears to be lit with a blue hue.

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I like the illusion the photo portrays.

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Looks a tad bit out of place. The background is warmer, bu the face is cool. Where is the cool light coming from? Shot in itself is nice.

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I have heard that blue is a taboo color on skin because it lends to the appearance of death. I don't shoot much with color except for this Halloween themed avatar that I am using, so you can take my comment with a grain of salt.

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total amature here but commenting anyway. HAHAHA. I think if the source of the blue light was inframe it might make more sense. Almost feel like there's a tardis jusdt out of shot. I've made a few portable LED lights that accept gels to play with this sort of effect but not sure how to apply it yet.

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I would have used a yellow gel rather than a blue, but I like the bokah and the models expression is very nice

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