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Looking for Photo Critique

Appreciate your help.

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The location, lighting and the model are all great. Her left hand looks a little weird like she was about to grasp something. Her other hand is kind of creeping toward the camera and that makes it look larger than it is. However, the thing that kills this image for me is the dress. Apologies to whomever made it, and I'm not exactly sure what it's supposed to look like, but it seems very ill fitting for this lovely model. Additionally, the bracelets on the left hand don't match the outfit, but that's less of an issue.

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Lets maybe call her doctor because the coloration of her chest is alarming at best. Unless those are just sticky bra pads in which case you should scrap the whole shot.

I get the pose but there HAD to be another one where she wasn't holding an imaginary cigarette,

Makeup on fleek

Maybe show the undersides of the leaves only so the color isn't thrown off.

There's something on your lens that looks like a terrible bit of typography so maybe get a lens cloth on that ASAP or try and photoshop it off.