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Backlit Beauty

Recently started doing portrait photography and enjoying it quite a bit. The weather on this day was actually cloudy. I set up the external flash behind to produce this backlit sunlight effect.

Please let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


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I like the photo overall. Where did you place the flash behind her? Because it's putting the highlights most on the bottom of her hair, instead of a top-down backlight (like the sun), which would backlight all of her hair.

Also, the background is kind of "busy" and therefore distracting. This is a common issue with trees, leaves, etc. Shallower DOF can help with this issue, or just simply shooting in front of a cleaner background.

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Thanks for the feedback. The flash was a few feet behind her. I shot the scene by the leaves to make it more interesting with light going through. I'll keep those pointers in mind. Thanks again!

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You've done a good job making her stand out from the background which definitely helps. I think if you could get the flash to fire at more of a downward angle onto her (to simulate the sun), it would make her pop a bit more and the background wouldn't be a problem.

Overall very good.

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That's a good point. Thanks again,