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In Pink

Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I thought I'd share something recent. I'm still fairly new to digital photography and have a lot to learn, but I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism on this image?

Cheers :)

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Sennia Kyle's picture

Hi there, I like the vibe of the photo. The colors are nice, but having a greater tonal range between highlights and shadows (but mostly adding more highlights) would be good. Maybe consider the use of a non-gelled light directly in front to add more of this, while still keeping the overall color tones. The position of the lights look a little low, but it doesn't seem too bad in this shot.

The pose is a bit awkward, her arm kind of looks like a rectangular block. Having the model pull her arm away from the body so it isn't squashed will help with more definition (either that or shooting farther away will help as I suspect this was a shot close to the model with a wider angle lens). Similarly, I would have the model not tuck her chin so far over into her shoulder as it's cutting off her face both physically and due to the shadow cast by her shoulder. Another thing to look out for is her right hand sitting over on the left side of the image like a stump. Because the image is so dark we can't see what the hand is doing, and her fingers curling back makes it look strange.

Overall though I like what you did. Keep working! :)