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Beauty Shot Novice

So, I'm not normally one for beauty shots, but one of the owners of the studio I was renting time at had a cool curved reflector set up and we had a few moments between sets. Ali hopped up, I boomed in a beauty dish, and this was the first shot. I'm quite happy with it.
Comments, suggestions and constructive critique welcome.

Model: Ali Zagame (IG: @ali_zagame, MM#3154678)
Studio: Freeze Frame Studio, Gardner MA

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Lovely shot but I would probably fix the blemishes on her face in post. This could be outstanding shot with a little touch in PS.

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Thanks, I do need to work on my retouching for things like that. Having worked with her several times, she has a bluish tone under her eyes that hopefully I've suppressed here by faintly painting in a bit of her skin tone over it.

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Find out what frequency separation is, it'll change your life!

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I gotta admit I've shied away from it because of some bad plastic/inhuman looks from it, but I know that's not so much the technique as the way people over-use it.

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Beautiful shot. The reddishness in her nose bugs me though. Easy fix with an HSL adjustment layer or painting in hue blend mode. Otherwise its solid. Keep it up.

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Ah, I think I found a good video on using the HSL approach, so I'll try that:

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I feel she is hunched over somewhat. The PS advice is solid. Nice shot though. :-) Hugh