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Hi guys, need some cc and critics

Hi guys I did these portraits, I would love to get some cc and critics. Thank you!

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Jon Wolding's picture

Great shots.
I'm really having to stretch here to find something to "fix"...

#1 Hard to tell at this size, but maybe easy up on the skin softening or the sharpness/details on the jacket.

#2 This is an on-set thing, but she could use a little more volume in her hair. I'm back and forth over cleaning up the stray hairs – I hate it when hair is too perfect. Maybe that's just me...

#3 Again, really forcing a critique here, but maybe bring the key light higher and drop the power a 1/2 stop. I mean, I'd TRY it and see if it does anything differently. Also, maybe add a hair/rim light to get a little separation on his hair.

#4 I think this is the best shot of this group. Great expression. Catchlights are nice. Maybe soften up the edge light on his face (if that doesn't drop the second reflection in his left eye, hit the clone tool). Again, maybe add a hair/rim light to get a little more separation on his hair.

Eric Grapher's picture

I wouldn't retouch a thing. Beautiful images.

What I would have done different (not necessarily better, just my thing):

Pic#1, chin down slightly. I love the hair over the eye, but the hood seems pulled in on that side. Prefer a more symmetric hood.

Pic#2, gorgeous. I'd prefer ever so lightly less of a shadow on her near side of her face/hair. But don't touch this!

Pic#3, he is scowling or something. Pulling his eyebrows towards the middle.

Pic#4, raised eyebrows gives wrinkles in forehead. I usually ask the model to blink hard and slowly open their eyes. Wrinkles vanish. Unlike Pic#3 where I loved the hair disappearing in the darkness of the background, this one could have used a hair light to separated his hair from the background.

Asoka Edussooriya's picture

I really love the way you have used the lighting on 2nd and 3rd image. think you need to work on some minor retouching tweaks. for the 1st and 4th picture, those are look like just a normal pictures for me. may be you need to try something different poses for those two. 1 st image, it distracts my eye sometimes with the jacket

Mike Vidales's picture

These look great, I like the color grading and lighting a lot!

Jeena Paradies's picture

The light on #2 is super cool, but for some reason it feels like it's taken with a shorter lens or something?

Chase Wilson's picture

Man, #4 nailed it.
No criticism.

Seamus O'Hara's picture

I really like your colors on #2 and #4! Awesome.

The catch light is missing from one eye in both #3 and #4. My first reaction to #3 was there was something off with his eyes or I couldn't tell where he was looking. I think adding in that catch light might help. #4 is less distracting but it might help there also.

Excellent shots!

edit: "missing" might not be the right term here since they weren't in the actual scene but you know what I mean

Charles Wolf's picture

Hi guys thank you so much for your cc, I really appreciated. Thank you!