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Dance Portrait - your views ?

I'm interested in Dance Portraits and this is my take on this genre of action photography. Any views on this is much appreciated

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Marcin Świostek's picture

I like it. With dance portraits I found it the most difficult to capture a moment that the dancer likes. They look for perfection in their pose, which is not always what the photographer wants. :)

Navathej Katragadda's picture

True, generally i go for the peak of the action and most times than not it is a win win for both of us :)

Navathej Katragadda's picture

It is Hyderabad in India !

Joseph Anthony's picture

Nice colors. I tried Dance Portraiture once and screwed it up for the client. Ahh, we fail we learn. I did not have the dancer move enough, she did too much static posing.
Great job.

Navathej Katragadda's picture

Interesting ! How did you know that you screwed it up?
You didn't like the result or the dancer didn't like it?