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Arber Elezi's picture

Commercial Photography!

Canon Eos R, 85mm F/1.2, F/2, 1/100s, iso 250, 3 Continuous Lights setup with Gels.

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Sennia Kyle's picture

Beautiful, except the finger should never, ever, ever, ever be on the trigger. It should be flat along the barrel above the trigger. If this was shot for a gun manufacturer (presumably Beretta) I'm surprised no one on set caught that. I'm not sure what's going on in the bottom of the frame but it looks like there's a 3rd firearm sitting on a table maybe? Some more detail in the bottom of the photo might be nice. Lovely lighting.

Steven Bottcher's picture

I was a professional firearms instructor, competitive shooter and gun range president for 7 years. I second the comment about the trigger finger. You should also never position the model so the gun looks like it is pointed anywhere near their body, and it looks like she is scratching her head with the muzzle. I'd recommend never showing any firearms related companies this image because it communicates a lack of safety. I'm sure the gun was unloaded, but the safety patrol in the gun industry is ruthless. That being said, I love the creative direction, lighting and retouch. The Beretta logo on the box could be a little brighter and the wooden handle is a little overexposed. I hope I'm not coming off too harsh, but I love your direction so I just want to let you know about those potential pitfalls when photographing firearms. Cheers!