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Przemek Lodej's picture

Great shot. A solid 4 in my book. Love the pose, eye contact, contrast and lighting. Spot on :) Only thing that bothers me a bit is that arm cut off at the bottom, but its minor.

Navathej Katragadda's picture

Thanks for the feedback Przemek Lodej appreciate it !

charles warren's picture

I love the shot. Depth of Field. Or shall i say the lack there of. Beautiful. Same for the lovely model.

B M's picture

Very nice - I love photographers who use the subject's eyes to speak and hers certainly do. I'm not too sure I would have framed it as you have but then that's your personal creative choice. For me, she has such good bone structure and those eyes are so strong, I'm not sure you need the hand on the head at all. I would let the hair just fall down pic left as it would make it a softer frame to her face than the arm and hand. However, if you are going to include hands then you need, in my opinion, to work on giving them a good shape (hands are the devils on job to make them look great) there is an entire art in hand photography.

Navathej Katragadda's picture

Thank you Bernard Mendoza, appreciate the detailed feedback :)